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P.O. Box 1296
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  1. My brother and I have attempted twice to get to Ryder and McPheters lakes in the Uintas. The first time we misse dthe turn off. Found it the second time and we got up to the meadow after te really steep climb that comes after crossing the log to go over the river. It was raining and when we got to the meadow a huge storm was blowing in and we searched for the trail in the meadow for as long as we could and we never found it. I really want to see and find these lakes. Can you help us out? My email is [email protected] Thanks so much!

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  4. You mention(2015) the trail from the dude ranch to trail head. The locals call it "The Hogs Back" Do you have any history on this trail or others in the area? We spent the 4th (yesterday)clearing it so we can take our mules to the Grandaddies from the dude ranch. The forest service no longer cares for these trails so we anonymously volunteer to do the work.(we are probably breaking the law) It really is a beautiful trail that follows Hades creek and pops out just below Splash Dam.
    Another trail in the area is the North Fork from Mill Flat to the portal of the Duchesne tunnel. This trail is so neglected it will soon disappear. Locals say that trail was used by wagons in the day. Not a hiker friendly trail due to the bogs near the bottom, but one that is a must see. Again do you know any history of these trails?