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60. Updated Photo/Essay:  2015 GEAR/SUPPLEMENTS section 


        Topo map for above trip labeled as Trip #2

50. YouTube Video  #5-2013 Part 2--TIE HACKS:  Unsung American Heroes & new discoveries

49. YouTube Video #5-2013 Part 1--TIE HACKS: Unsung American Heroes

48.  YouTube Video #4-Backpack #4-2013 CROW BASIN--A Pioneer Adventure

47.  YouTube Video #3-2013 HILLIARD FLUME GHOST 

46.  YouTube Video #2-2013 Backpack to MYSTERIOUS MIDDLE FK of BLACKS FK &ALPINE BOB'S LAKE

45.   You Tube Video #1-2013 BACKPACK TO GRANDADDIES & PALISADE Lake

44.  YouTube Video #16 COMEBACK Part 5: Challenges....for 10 years!

43.  YouTube video #15 COMEBACK-Part 4--Faking It...& Geology of the Wastch

42. YouTube Video #14-Part 3: COMEBACK AT 78-therapy on the Y Mountain Trail, Eagle Pass and Slide Canyon

41. YouTube Video #13-Part 2: COMEBACK AT 78 -therapy on the Slate Canyon Trail

40. YouTube Video #12-Part 1: MAKING A COMEBACK AT 78--therapy on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

39. YouTube Video #11-ALPINE WILDFLOWERS of the High Uintas Wilderness

38. YouTube Video #10-WILDFLOWERS/FLORA: Wasatch Foothills to High Uintas

37. YouTube Video #9--Part 1: BACKPACKING 2012 TRIPS:  PREPARE OR ELSE....!

36. Photo/Essay:  #9-- Part 1:  BACKPACKING  2012 SCHEDULE:  PREPARE OR ELSE....!

35. YouTube Video #9--Part 2:  OVERCOMING OBSTACLES with SUPPLEMENTS


33. YouTube Video #9-Part 3: BACKPACKING... PREPARE or ELSE--Gear and Supplements

32. Salt Lake Tribune Blog:  The Grandaddy of Utah Hiking Slide Shows

31. YouTubeVideo #8--Flora of the Uintas from 2010-11 Seasons --with my Introduction 

30. YouTube link  to Video #8 Flora from Foothills to Kings Peak

29. Photo/essay...Where Do You Get So Much Energy?

29. Photo/essay..Training for 2012...What for? .....Four hoped for trips.

28. Link to Salt Lake Tribune aritlcle, "The Rest of the Story," and KSL Outdoors Radio    podcastComments and Controversy from Tribune article

27. Photo/essay..Survival Issues related to Tribune article and SPOT demonstration

26. Survival in the High Country --Seven photo/essays on the most crucial survival needs

25. Photo/essay..Discussion on Utah and World's Record Eastern brook trout

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23. Trip #7-2011 YouTube video Jackson Park/Crow Basin. SAW IT! SURVIVED IT!

23a. Photo/essay..Trip #7-2011  Jackson Park/Crow Canyon:  WOW!  SAW IT!  SURVIVED IT!  WHAT NEXT?  

22. Photo/essay ..Trip #6 Explore Crow Basin--KSL Outdoors podcast

21. Nick Gough's report on Bald Lake Trip

20. Rusty Swenson's Trip:  Solitude in the Uintas

19.Trip #4 YouTube video--Survival at Swasey Hole

18. Swasey Hole historical info.

17. Jason Webb report on Grandaddies-Bear Scat-Wolves

16. Memories from Hades Canyon and the Grandaddies by Kent Petersen

15  Why Have a Waterproof Camera - YouTube video

14 Trip #3- YouTube video -Conditions on the South Slope

13. Trip #2 YouTube High Uintas Report on Grandview and Highline Trailheads and more

12. Steve Anderton's Report on Hades Pass and the Grandaddies

11.  Forest Service offices

10. Trip #1 YouTube video--Wow--It Got Complicated

9.    On My Way to the Uintas

5.    Photo/essay.Trip #2-2010 Search for the Golden Trout--Echo, Joan and Gem Lakes and Tons of Color

4.    Photo/essay..Trip #1-2010  The Grandaddy Basin and Energy Formula Confirmed

3.    Photo/essay..How I Do a 3 Day Backpack

2.    Backpacker Magazine publicity for Uinta Project

1.    Photo/essay..Lightweight Backpacking and Gear

 Backpacker Magazine publicity for Uinta Project
My effort to explore, photograph and share the wonderful High Uintas
Wilderness received a bit of publicity in the January 2010 issue of BACKPACKER MAGAZINE.
Click on the photo to view a large image, and read the comments one photo at a time.


·         To Cordell Andersen
Cordell, Thanks for the fascinating info on Hades Canyon.  I sent your email to brothers Charlie and Steve and son Wes.  Wes and I got twelve inches of heavy snow dumped on us one night at we slept in our old "Jimmy" at Splash Dam.  The spot is such an icon in all of our lives. 

 Not long after Charlie's mission during the early years that the Hades road was being built, Charlie and I planned a trip into the Granddaddy's thinking we had to hike Lightning Ridge.  As we came up the North Fork in Charlie's VW Beetle he could see the cut being made up Hades.  I remember how disappointed he was that the Granddaddy's would now be so easily accessible.  We still had to hike from about a mile below the dam.  We had a great trip.  Camped at the cabin at Lodgepole, hiked East Granddaddy Mountain, slid down the snow fields, jammed in, Palisade, Lost, Pine Island, Fish Hatchery, Betsy, Granddaddy. 

 It started to rain hard and we ran to the cabin packed up and head for Hades Pass hoping to get there before dark and hike the trail to the car by moonlight.  The rain got worse.  The moon never came out.  Charlie had a light colored poncho that I focused on and just kept stepping lightly.  I remember to this day Charlie saying, "Put your feet down easy. We roll an ankle tonight and we're in trouble."  I remember following the trail along Splash, crossing the stream below and following the CAT road to the VW.  We were cold, wet, exhausted, and hungry.  When we got to Defa's everything was closed up.  Charlie pounded on the bar door until a light came on.  The lady looked at us and said, "I ain't cooking nothing for you, but you can buy a Coke, some chips and a candy bar."  It was a Hersheys.  Deep feelings and memories.

Kent Peterson